Top Things To Do In Sarawak

Dive into spectacular experiences at the intersection of rich cultural history and stunning natural wonders. Sarawak is known for its remote and idyllic destinations. Throw in cultural excursions and wildlife tours and you’re in for a complete tour of Sarawak’s best offerings.

Sarawak highlights the best parts of Asia that have been hidden by tourist traps. Step into this untainted celebration of nature and culture for a glimpse into the true spirit of Sarawak.

Here are our favourite experiences in Sarawak that host authentic adventures in culture, history and wildlife.

The Brooke Gallery

Named after Renee Margaret, the Brooke Gallery, formerly known as Fort Margherita, was built in 1879 as a defence from pirates. The fort has since been turned into a home for memorabilia from the Brooke residency. The White Rajah’s influence can still be seen to this day through the people and their culture.

Borneo Cultures Museum

Borneo Cultures Museum – a new landmark and institution set to be the jewel of Sarawak and Borneo, earning its title as the second-largest museum in Southeast Asia. This museum incorporates influences of history and culture within its architecture, with stacks of silhouetted panels inspired by Sarawak’s traditional motifs, like woven rattan mats and elements of songket (a traditional design native to Southeast Asia).

Gunung Mulu National Park

This World Heritage Area offers a variety of scenic adventures. Witness the depths of the caving system and explore the epic hiking trails. With picturesque views of incredible rock formations, the iconic Pinnacles remain one of the most interesting natural wonders of Gunung Mulu.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Private tours into the Sarawak Cultural Village – one of Malaysia’s best-known and most iconic cultural attractions. It is a unique award-winning living museum offering an exciting and informative introduction to local cultures and lifestyles.

Niah National Park

Niah Caves, aka Gua Niah, is a historical site with evidence of human settlements dating back to 40,000 years ago. It also brings in caving enthusiasts as it features the world’s largest cave entrance. A place where history meets adventure, there is much to be learned and experienced.

The Pinnacles Trail

This trail has been deemed a harder trail than Mt. Kinabalu due to the physical strength and endurance needed to complete the trail. However, the end result is a view of razor-sharp rock formations that pierce the sky, some standing as tall as 50 metres. A once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed.

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