The Luxury Island Retreat in Malaysia You Need to Experience - Taaras Resort

The Luxury Island Retreat in Malaysia You Need to Experience – Taaras Resort

Taaras Beach Resort is a luxurious beach resort located on the beautiful island of Redang in Malaysia. Its offers an exclusive private long stretch of white sandy beach and excellent service that will make your vacation unforgettable. The resort also provides direct flights from Subang, making it even more convenient for travelers. With its breathtaking views, top-notch amenities, and friendly staff, Taaras Beach Resort is the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing and luxurious getaway.

What Makes Taaras Resort a Unique Luxury Island Retreat?

There are other resorts located on the east coast of Redang Island that share the long stretch of beach. It offers a different ambience, allowing guests to meet people from other properties. Taaras Resort is situated on the northeast coast, away from the rest, giving it ultimate exclusivity and privacy with the beauty of Redang Island surrounding it .

Surrounded by crystal clear waters and home to numerous dive sites with abundant marine life, this paradise is the perfect place to escape and relax in style. From its luxurious villas overlooking the beach to its private infinity pool, Taaras Resort offers an unforgettable experience with its stunning views, serene atmosphere and world-class amenities, Taaras Resort is sure to make your stay as memorable as possible.

Experience Exquisite Amenities & Services at Taaras Resort

With 125 rooms, this big resort offers shuttle service and ocean-front suites with direct access to the beach. According to Noelle Chong, our travel planner who stayed there, her favorite is the Cliff Premium Suite because she likes the ocean view from afar. She said she wasn’t a sunbather; she could just lie on the bed and look out at the ocean. Taaras Resort offer different room designs for different needs. Additionally, with the pool by the beach and gym, one could really stay fit even on a vacation .

It is also ideal for company retreats, as it has three meeting rooms for small groups of 22 to 44, with the systems required for any business meeting. The services offered are welcoming and meticulous;

Unforgettable Activities to Enjoy During Your Stay at the Taaras Resort

The Taaras Resort offers an array of activities to enjoy during your stay, such as scuba diving, kayaking, and obtaining a diving license, yoga, and more, depending on the season. You can explore the beautiful coral reefs on a glass bottom boat and snorkeling among the marine life that surrounds the resort.. With no motorized water sports allowed in the area, visitors can enjoy a peaceful experience while still being able to witness the wonders of nature. The resort also plays an active role in preserving marine life, giving visitors the chance to support conservation efforts by adopting coral while enjoying their stay.

Customise a special occasion at the Stunning 5 bedroom Villa

It is worth mentioning that Taaras has a 5-bedroom villa perched on the cliff with an infinity pool, giving the unit a panoramic ocean view from almost every corner. It also features a modern contemporary design, a kitchen, and a gym..There are two new villas coming up on May 23, each with two infinity pools, making them perfect for luxurious family getaways. Each villa have a private chef that serves Malaysian cuisine, breakfast, and can be customized to accommodate any dietary restrictions. It is designed with a modern and contemporary design. The main advantage of this villa is the number of rooms; most island resorts offer up to 3 bedrooms at most, while 5 bedrooms is ideal for families or small groups of friends who wish to stay together.

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