A Family Getaway to Nepal

A Family Getaway to Nepal

Explore Nepal with your family in 2023. From the majestic Kathmandu valley to the world’s tallest mountain, and even the Tibetan border, you’ll discover a variety of incredible adventures including snow-capped Himalayan peaks, bustling cities, Buddhist monasteries, safaris and trekking.

Here are some activities for you to do with your family during your time in Nepal.

Trek Annapurna

Trekkers consider the Annapurna range to be one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in the entire globe. The scenery is breathtaking, with several mountains rising more than 8,000 metres into the air and clouds circling their far-off summits. But the foothills are just as stunning, with steep-sided wooded hills populated with old-fashioned settlements and connected by centuries-old stone roads.

Chitwan Safari

The steamy forests of Chitwan National Park spread across the vast and verdant southern regions of Nepal feel a million miles away from the Himalayas. The elusive Bengal tiger, the Asiatic one-horned rhino, and a swarm of monkeys, birds, and crocodiles live in this area. Interacting with elephants in Chitwan National Park is one of the most liked activities for families travelling to Nepal with children.

White Water Rafting

On any vacation to Nepal with the kids, white water rafting offers a surge of excitement and a tremendous surge of adrenaline. Although there are many rivers to choose from, the Seti River is our favourite. This is appropriate for kids of all ages because the rapids are a level 2 rapid.


One of Asia’s finest cities is Kathmandu. Praying flags blow in the breeze as exquisite mediaeval buildings coexist with Buddhist stupas and Hindu temples. Holy cows stroll through the streets, passing sadhus with dreadlocks and aspiring trekkers looking for a cheap North Face jacket at the marketplaces. Follow the winding passageways to secret courtyards where living goddesses rule. Before spinning the prayer wheels for good fortune and evading the monkeys at Swayambhunath, stop for momos (steaming dumplings) in a rooftop café to take in the scenery.

Bhaktapur Pottery Workshop

The kids will enjoy having a try at making their own “masterpiece” because Nepal is home to many flourishing cottage enterprises. Make like a potter in Bhaktapur, creating and painting your own Thanka (Buddhist artwork), learning to make momos, or creating your own kukri  (Gurkha knife) are a few examples of what this may entail.

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