What To Do In Morocco

A gateway to Africa, Morocco is a country that is eclectic and diverse. Discover epic mountain ranges, historical cities, deserts that stretch beyond the horizon and most importantly, incredible hospitality. Bordering Europe, Morocco is a great place for luxury travellers. Once you’re here, you will be enveloped in the warm traditional values of the people. Walk the streets and see the busy souks with heaps of spices invigorate the senses. Visit ancient palaces to learn about the history and culture of Morocco.

Here are some of the things you have to try when you’re in Morocco. This condensed read will inform you about the most visited spots in Morocco –experiences that must be tried at least once.


Dating back to the 1400s, ancient bathhouses, also known as Hammam, have existed in the middle east and the areas surrounding it. If you’re unfamiliar with Hammam, it is essentially a bathhouse. Public baths date back several centuries as an integral part of early civilization. It has since become an intrinsic part of Moroccan culture and has paved the way for some of the most opulent bathhouses you will ever see. The Hammam is a staple in every Moroccan neighbourhood, together with a communal bakery, fountain, mosque and schools. The bathhouse has since become a communal gathering place for people from all walks of life. Locals meet up here once a week to be scrubbed down and to socialise.


The more popular souks in Morocco are centralised in Marrakech, one of the country’s largest economic centres and a tourist hub. Because Marrakech is located at a very strategic location, the droves of merchants eventually set up here and formed the bustling souk culture. The volume of traders coming by is the reason this city has many gates to access the main part of the hub. These days, the maze of never-ending souks makes it very difficult for first-timers to navigate through them. Hiring a licensed local guide is highly recommended to get there faster and to avoid being conned by ‘tourist prices’.


Well known for their intricate detailing and colourful tile patterns, the palaces of Morocco are one of the most sought-after experiences here. This is an ode to a time in architecture where expression and creativity took precedence over the more functional, grayscale architecture we are used to now. Go back in time and witness the true opulence of ancient Morocco. Marrakech is home to 3 palaces which include El Badi, Bahia Palace and The Royal Palace. However, visitors can only enjoy the architecture of The Royal Palace from the outside as entry is not permitted. The other two palaces are open to the public with an admission fee. At these places, you will find short blurbs that recite the history of the monuments but most people come here for the incredible photo ops.


Riads are a traditional Moroccan architecture style that has a central interior garden and courtyard with a pool or fountain. Huge, lavish and ornate is what best describes these stays. Most riads are refurbished old buildings, however, as they gain popularity among tourists, many of the newer riads are made to have the traditional charm while being comfortable enough for those who expect world-class services. The unique charm of riads can be seen in the detailed work within the building. Ornate tiling work, lush gardens and large terraces will bring the incredible architecture of Morocco into your rooms. Next time you visit Morocco, be sure to opt for the riad. You will be glad you did.

Desert Glamping

Arguably the most beautiful destination in Morocco. Merzouga is a small town in The Sahara Desert. Here, you will experience luxury glamping with modern-day amenities such as air conditioning (very useful during warm summer nights) and private bathrooms. From camel trekking to sandboarding and 4×4 jeep adventures, best believe you will be well acquainted with the sand and desert life after that. Immerse yourself into an adventure that brings you to baron lands in opulence and grandeur. A luxury camp with incredible amenities and views. See the sand dunes of The Sahara glisten into the horizon as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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