Top Experiences In Queensland

Queensland, Australia

There is so much to be done in Queensland like swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, a world heritage site that houses thousands of years old corals. Perhaps it is to witness the world’s oldest tropical rainforest or to meet the gentle giants that swim by the shores on the Humpback Highway. Moving away from the gorgeous islands and beaches into the seemingly endless outback to discover sweeping vistas and jaw-dropping natural wonders. There is so much to be seen and discovered in Queensland, Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

A natural wonder that is on most people’s bucket lists. The Great Barrier Reef, brimming with life and biodiversity, is the world’s largest coral reef system that stretches from the tip of Cape York in North Queensland to Bundaberg in the south. It is a must visit for marine enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Known for its amazing conservation efforts, guests will also have the opportunity to learn about conservation efforts while participating in eco-tourism activities to be mindful of the way they interact with the reef. Dive in it, snorkel, live on a pontoon, fly over it. However you choose to explore, you are in for a magical time.

Museum Of Underwater Art

Go on a dive expedition to witness the Museum of Underwater Arts, a dive site which features around 20 installations by world-renowned underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor submerged to a depth of around 18 metres. Located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, it is an important site that tells the stories of the reef, and the culture of its First Nations people, as well as spark meaningful conversations and solutions to reef conservation ( snorkelling options available for unlicensed divers).

4-Wheeler Adventure On Sunshine Coast

Discover off the beaten path locations in a 4-wheel drive that takes you through the Sunshine Coast. Drive down amazing pristine beaches, traverse through national parks and discover incredible views. Whether you’re just getting into off-road driving for the first time, or you’ve been in the driver’s seat since you could reach the pedals, you’ll be cruising like an expert in no time after a bit of practice at Sunshine Coast.

Helicopter Ride To The Heart Reef

Land on a pontoon next to the infamous Heart Reef and snorkel around this awe-inspiring site. One of the most popular destinations in The Great Barrier Reef, it is the perfect place to witness marine life for marine enthusiasts of all levels. Witness magnificent views on a helicopter ride above the heart reef before you land and are able to dive and snorkel around.

Luxury Stays On Private Islands

Heron Island and Wilson Island are adjacent islands on the Capricorn Coast of the Great Barrier Reef. To get to the island, transfers are available from Gladstone, the nearest urban centre. Home to secluded private beaches, these islands are an eco-paradise that offers a relaxing and comfortable experience for newlyweds or couples looking for a respite from the city. These islands are also known for the green turtle and loggerhead turtle experiences. Watch the hatchlings emerge down the beach while the giant turtles nest and lay their eggs through October to March. With over 20 dive sites easily accessible by boat within minutes of the jetty, it is the perfect location for all levels of marine enthusiasts.

Luxury Stay In The Outback

Experience the spirit of North Queensland’s back-country in a captivating landscape with cultural significance dating back 37,000 years. Mt. Mulligan Lodge hosts remains from the historic gold and coal rush and is currently a working cattle station. It also offers all-inclusive luxury accommodations in the magnificent Mount Mulligan. It features four different types of accommodations, a gorgeous main pavilion for lounging and meals as well as an infinity pool fitted with a sunset bar. Each room comes with a personal electric buggy for quick access to the various facilities on the lodge. An opulent luxury stay for the Outback experience of your life.

Learn To Ride Waves

Known for its pristine beaches and all year round sun, Queensland attracts many surfers who want to test out their skills in this surfer’s paradise. Queensland’s coast offers world-class surfing sites and has even brought in international surfing professionals like Mick Fanning, Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson, Julian Wilson and many more. The conditions of the weather and the water make Queensland an ideal spot for all year long surfing and have become a way of life for its residents.


Experience the thrill of freefalling from up to 14,000 feet, followed by a stunning ride under a parachute. Choose from multiple locations to skydive from and be prepared for an adrenaline pumping adventure. Perfect for beginners and expert free fallers, this experience is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you are up for the challenge, you will witness incredible coastal views as you land on the beaches of Queensland guided by experts and professionals.

Wine Tasting

The wine industry in Queensland had boomed over the years and nearly 1500 hectares have now been converted into vineyards. The Granite Belt, the wine growing region, is located three hours away from Brisbane and is responsible for most, if not all of the wine produced here. Some of the varieties of grapes here include Chardonnay, Verdelho, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Regardless of whether you’re an acclaimed sommelier or a wine chugger, you will be impressed by the selection available here.

Camping By The Beach

An oasis for nature enthusiasts who are looking to escape their busy schedules of family and work. Stay in a Reef Safari Tent right on the gorgeous beach and be closer than ever to your surrounding. A quick ferry ride from Heron Island takes you to the adjacent island, Wilson Island. On the island, discover world-class snorkelling spots, non-motorized beach activities, kayaking and witness the turtle hatching that happens seasonally. Alternatively, you may also simply sit back and enjoy the perks of being on a private island.

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