Fine Dining Places In Japan

In true Wanderprime fashion, we had to compile a list of the most unique restaurants in Japan. Restaurants that challenge the meaning of service; with an upscale charm, focused on providing experiences paired with the finest ingredients and the best methods of preparation.
Although you may never run out of places to eat in Japan, with street vendors lining the streets of Tokyo serving the early risers and the late-night drinking crowd, these experiences push beyond eateries and thrive as a provider of first-class dining experiences.
Here are our top 5 high-end dining places you must try when you visit Japan.

Tapas Molecular Bar, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

No need to spend so much time figuring out where to eat because you just found it. Tapas Molecular Bar, located on the 38th floor of Mandarin Oriental, is known to charm its patrons with gastronomical ingenuity. Serving some of the best modern Spanish plates in Japan that incorporate molecular gastronomy techniques, the entire meal revolves around 20 tapas servings enjoyed over the span of 2 hours. Using techniques that stimulate all the senses, you will leave your table not only having experienced one of the best showcases of food but also with an experience you will carry for life. Their wine list is also not to be missed as they carry over 800 labels and 6,000 bottles from all over the world.

Steak Otsuka, The Best Wagyu Steak in Kyoto

One of the more affordable eateries on this list, Steak Otsuka offers lunch meals that will blow your mind. Mouthwatering and fatty, the A5 wagyu beef called miracle steak is so exclusive that only 80 cows are shipped out by the farm for consumption. Best paired with warm fluffy Japanese rice and a crisp bowl of side salad to cut through the greasy steak. Located in central Arashiyama, this place can get very packed as they are only open for lunch. Be sure to get there early and make your reservation. As you wait, you can check out the quiet city of Arashiyama and all the culture it has to offer.

Hakushu Teppanyaki, Unpretentious Fine Dining in Tokyo

This family-owned restaurant has been voted the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Japan since 2016. A Teppanyaki place serving the finest cut of Kobe beef that gets booked up so often, you need to make reservations as early as possible to get a seat. Your food gets prepared right in front of you in a cosy restaurant in Tokyo. Teppanyaki is said to be the best method of preparing Kobe beef and here, each set meal comes with seasonal vegetables cooked alongside your choice of meat. Although this place has become so popular, they only serve a small group of people at a time as the experience is all about making fine dining more approachable and pleasant.

Sukiyabashi Jiro, Most Recognised Sushi Chef in Japan

This place will probably not show up when you search for “restaurants near me in Japan” because it is just that exclusive. After making headlines as the best sushi tasted by former US president, Barack Obama, the sushi master Jiro Ono has become an important part of the sushi narrative in Japan. Earning three Michelin stars that have since been removed as the business is no longer open to the general public. To book a spot here, you either have to be a regular, have connections or book through an esteemed hotel. This elite experience is definitely one that has to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Cignale Enoteca, An Approachable Take on Italian Food

An Italian filter to Japanese food is the best way to describe the chef’s intentions with this establishment. Chef Tomori is inspired by local Japanese ingredients that can be found in his stomping grounds, Tokyo. He handpicks his favourite vegetables, seafood and cuts of meat to ensure the quality of ingredients is up to the restaurant’s standard. Beginning his career in the pastry kitchen, Chef Tomori has always had an eye for presentation. Large glass windows with a cosy rustic ambience will put you at ease as you settle in for an experience that is all about food and hospitality.

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