Top 10 Things to do in Japan

There are no limits to the number of unique experiences you can find in Japan. A country that celebrates the wacky in its urban area. Also a time capsule for all that came before in the countryside.
This perfect balance between the old and the new attracts visitors to explore Japan by making their own stories. Mixed in with a rich history in spirituality and folklore. Japan has gained popularity among travellers who are seeking family time and knowledge about the local culture.
With all this to offer, it’s easy to get swept up in a mountain of the best things to do in Japan.
Hence, we have compiled a list of things you have to try when you are here. If you start with any of these, you will have a very fond recollection of Japan and its quirky ways.

Ski Down Tomamu

Tomamu Ski Resort offers all-inclusive stays for families to celebrate winter in the mountains. Located only 90 minutes from Chitose Airport, the resort offers a wide selection of trails from beginner to advanced levels. If skiing is not for you, then you may try some of the other activities like the snowmobile, snow rafting and curling. Other than scaling the mountains, there is also an ice village constructed from snow and ice. Within the domes, you will find a bar, shops and an ice rink among other things. This magical winter wonderland will feed the soul of your inner child.

Hot Air Balloon In Furano

In a land that never runs out of fresh and unique experiences, let the thrill of floating on air meet your need for adventure. Ride the winds and see this part of Hokkaido from way up in the sky. This experience is perfect in the winter months as most of Furano gets covered in snow, highlighting the mountains and the surrounding area. An experience led by the best-trained guide and operator in Furano allows you the trust and confidence to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Idyllic Lake Toya

Imagine it is a cold winter in Hokkaido. You have checked in to your traditional Japanese stay and as you look up, you see an onsen hot pool bubbling and steaming inviting you to go in for a dip. You slip off your silk robe, sit back in the warm water and take in the gorgeous view of Lake Toya. Mt. Usu, an active volcano in the area, borders the lake and makes you feel protected in its range. With tons of resorts and activities in the area, you are in for an unforgettable experience luxuriating under the Hokkaido clouds.

The Geisha District

Located in Kyoto, Gion has become one of the most famous geisha districts in Japan as well as the top 10 activities in Japan. Stepping into Gion is like travelling back in time. Machiya (traditional Japanese vendor shacks) line the streets of Gion and you may see geishas walking through the streets as they make their way to their teahouses where they serve and entertain guests. This traditional practice is now made available to most including non-Japanese speakers. Tip: If you are on the street and see a geisha walking, do not stop them or take pictures of them without their permission. If you want to hire them, you can do so by speaking to your travel agent.

A Live Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is Japan’s national sport which originated in ancient times to entertain royalty and has become a staple experience on Japan tours. The sport follows the same rituals practised during its birth which is why only men can participate in it. The rule of the match is straightforward; the first wrestler to touch the outer ring of the arena with any part of their body except the soles of their feet loses. An essential part of Sumo is also weight gain as there are no specific weight classes in determining the wrestlers. Easily put, the bigger you are, the more likely you will win the match. Tickets to Sumo matches can be purchased through official vendors and at convenience stores or the stadium itself.

The Magic of Disneyland Japan

Although the park is a model of Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, it has made its mark with seasonal park offerings and themed attractions that highlight Japan’s vibrant cultural history and heritage. This park has 7 themed lands including, World Bazaar, Tomorrowland, Toontown, Fantasyland, Critter Country, Westernland and Adventureland. Each land has its own unique design, curated restaurants and different rides and characters.

Japanese Wedding Experience

Have you always fantasised about having a traditional Japanese wedding? This can now be a reality. Get hitched in a traditional Japanese shrine wedding. Say I do one more time and experience an authentic ceremony. You may also use this as an opportunity for pre-wedding photos or as a unique experience in documenting your honeymoon. With the help of a photographer and a glam squad, you will leave this experience with a lifetime of picture-perfect memories.

Watch a Kabuki Performance

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theatre performance that dates back to the Edo period. This elaborate art form involves elaborate costuming, exaggerated performances and stylised movements. This helps the audience understand the context as most Kabuki is performed in an old form of Japanese. A Kabuki production is a collaborative effort as it requires a backstage crew and musical performances to immerse the audience into the play. Some venues offer headsets for English narrations or explanations.

Ride The Bullet Train

The recent star-studded film by David Leitch features this high-speed rail as its main character. The Bullet Train is not only a set for blockbusters but the main mode of transportation for so many of Japan’s occupants. The busiest train line in the world covers a length of 500 kilometres in 2 hours and has a track record of zero fatalities or injuries since its launch in 1964. Quickly becoming Japan’s proudest achievement, it is undeniable that this technology has revolutionised the way we see transportation.

Visit The Studio Ghibli Museum

We all know and love the Miyazaki animations, from the hilarious antics of Totoro to the dramatic twists and turns in Spirited Away. Witness your favourite characters and locations in the franchise at this museum. Gain insight into how these stories come to life. Exclusive short films await visitors at the museum as well as a themed cafe, children’s play area, a rooftop garden and a gift shop. Perfect for family trips and for cute dates.

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