Top 10 Most Popular Adventures In Cappadocia

Our Guest’s Favourite Adventures In The Ancient City of Fairy Chimneys

Why wouldn’t you want to spend time outside when you are surrounded by natural wonders? Cappadocia invites you to explore your sense of adventure by being in nature and diving deep into parts of the ancient world that may take a little more effort but promise great rewards. However, we understand that all travellers have different needs. Hence, we’ve compiled our top 10 adventures in Cappadocia where you can find reviews from our guests about these experiences and see if it fits your travel style. In Cappadocia, larger-than-life experiences are only a turn away.

1. A Day At The Carpet Gallery

✅ An incredible collection of Turkish rugs run by the Ikman family for several generations.

✅ Cost around 150 TL for 15 minutes. You can hire a drone service for an extra cost which is worth every penny.

✅ Awesome little carpet shop with great picture opportunities in the main room. Make sure you make a reservation so that you can get a time slot.

✅ As this is a business and they have tons of people coming in to just take pictures, they have to charge for photos. Very fair trade in using these incredible rugs as a background for your photos.

? Pro Tip: Wear something in a solid colour as busy patterns will clash with the prints all over the shop.

2. Pottery Workshop

✅ The pieces made are intricately designed, vividly coloured and detailed. One-of-a-kind ceramics fill one of the showrooms. Worth the price if you appreciate Turkish ceramics.

✅The salesperson at some ceramic shops can be pushy and insist on selling their products. Keep this in mind especially if you’re taking photos in their shop as they might be more adamant in selling to you or even charge you a photo fee. Ask before taking pictures.

✅ Ceramic pieces can be shipped to your home safely and well packaged to get your timeless pieces to you in mint condition.

✅ They show you how pottery was formed in ancient days using a foot-propelled spinning wheel. Then they take you to the workshop and you see how the artists paint the pottery. Next, they take you to the showroom and explain the differences between the various pieces.

? Pro Tip: It is a very good place to get glimpses of local handmade products. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything as you can just look at the pieces and walk out. You can also avoid these tourist traps by booking your tour with us as we’ve personally vetted our activities.

3. Explore The Remote Canyon

✅ This place is a must-see place, it’s a unique experience you will have. The Valley is a 4 km walk and it has so many things to feel, see and experience. At the end of the walk, you will have an awesome lunch with a beautiful atmosphere.

✅ The scenery is beautiful, one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, with amazing micro-climates.

✅ It is a long walk with rock churches, mosques and cave dwellings within it. The central staircase at the visitor centre leading to the canyon bottom is at around the middle – there are around 350-400 steps.

? Pro Tip: Very exhausting so be warned it’s not suitable for the elder or people with mobility issues

4. A Morning Affair With A Vintage Car

There are a couple of cars to choose from. The best part is the driver, he knows beautiful places to take you for great photos. Professional with a friendly attitude.

✅ The views were breathtaking and once we thought we saw everything the driver showed us more. He even took us to a beautiful spot to see the sunset.

✅ For what you get to see for the price it is well worth it.

✅ Driver was on time and very polite and patient, everything was wonderful and we really enjoyed the trip.

5. Picnic & Bespoke Dining In The Valley

A personalised dining experience. Indulge in gastronomical delights under the skies in the Cappadocian Valley.

✅ Wake up bright and early to experience the hot air balloon. A minor sacrifice for a moment that will last a lifetime. Sip on Turkish coffee as hundreds of hot air balloons continue their ascension into the clouds.

✅ Celebrate your vacation with a bespoke dinner around the bonfire in the valley of Cappadocia. A tasting menu handcrafted by a professional chef made with seasonal ingredients.

?Tip: Avoid this experience during winter as temperatures can be as low as 1-2 ℃.

6. Valley Safari via Jeep/ATV/Camel/Horse

There are 4 different ways to experience this Valley Safari. The horse and camel rides take 2 hours and look very good in photos. It also offers a very unique way to see the surrounding, however, it will not be a comfortable ride. The track is shared with the ATV and Jeep, so you can imagine how dusty it can get.

✅ The ATV and Jeep are much more comfortable. ATV is for people who want to be more hands-on with their experience. It allows you to go at your own pace. The Jeep is fully covered from its surroundings making it the most comfortable method of seeing the valley. Choose your way according to what you are most comfortable with.

✅ Fun experience and a great way to experience all of the scenery during sunset hours. The staff is attentive, helpful and friendly. The locations covered are fun, interesting and just outright beautiful.

✅ The ATV and Jeep rides offer an off-track adventure that is worth every second. Ride as you please through the gorgeous ‘’dunes’’ of the valley.

?Pro Tip: Bring sunglasses, a mask or a scarf to cover your mouth and drinking water for a more enjoyable experience.

7. Instagram Tours With Private Photographer

Remember your precious moments in Cappadocia by exploring picturesque locations. Capture these moments with the help of a professional photographer.

✅ Your photos will be professionally edited and made to stand out from the crowd.

✅ No need to scout for locations to take pictures at. The photographer has already scouted the best views so you can spend less time finding the perfect backdrop and more time getting the perfect shot.

? Pro Tip: Make sure to do your research on the places covered during the shoot to coordinate your outfit accordingly.

8. Wine Tasting

Learn about Cappadocia’s ancient wine-making traditions. Visit a selection of local wineries and vineyards throughout Goreme, travelling comfortably in your own private vehicle with a driver.

✅ Taste wines from Cappadocia as well as a sampling from other regions in Turkey.

✅ Snacks and hotel pickup are included. Guides are friendly, speak perfect English and have extensive knowledge about the area and its history, and have a genuine love for where they live.

9. Hot Air Balloon

Often if the weather conditions aren’t right, they will cancel the flight out of safety precautions.

✅ You will have to wake up at 4 AM and then head to the field. Each balloon holds 40 people and they have a bit over 100 balloons in the air at a time.

✅ Once in the air, you will be taken away by the view, at the peak of the ride, you will hit 800 meters in the air.

?Pro tip: Wear something warm as it can get very cold in the early hours of the morning and avoid dresses or anything flowy.

10. Luxury Cave Hotels

There are many luxury cave hotels in Cappadocia so you need to choose wisely based on your expectations.

✅ Staying in a cave hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Discover incredible views from the open-air terraces that give you a panoramic view of the valley.

✅ Some hotels offer views of hot air balloons and others don’t. We recommend Museum Hotel, Ariana Luxury Lodge, Argos and Sultan Cave Suites.

Make sure to do plenty of research on your stay and the type of rooms to avoid disappointment. Photos and online claims may be deceitful. This is exactly why you need an ally wherever you go. Wanderprime has personally vetted and curated itineraries to eliminate disappointments. Only the best experiences make it through our filter.

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