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Turkey is the perfect place for luxury travellers. It boasts larger-than-life experiences with a unique touch of history and culture. Once a gateway for Western civilization entering the East, Turkey has since made its mark as the perfect intersection of East and West. Embodying the warmth of community and the spirit of adventure, Turkey has become an incomparable destination for travellers longing for thrill and comfort. From historical ruins to stunning natural wonders to a masterclass in modern architecture, not forgetting the crystal clear waters and the tall mountains, Turkey is simply the place to be. Here are our top picks for luxury experiences in Turkey.

1) Private Yacht at Bosphorus

Hop on a private tour of the Bosphorus Straits on a yacht entirely for you and your party. What was once the most significant trading route in the world, now separates Asia and Europe, forming a natural border between the two continents. With 5-star catering and hostesses, expect to be pampered with the best service you can find. The perfect place to celebrate and host private events.

2) Fine Dining

When it comes to food, Turkey never disappoints. With so much diversity within its culture, being spoiled for choice would be an undeniable understatement. Unique dishes are prepared masterfully by gourmet chefs. A must-try in Turkey is Neolokal, a restaurant led by Maksut Askar. The menu is inspired by the chef’s childhood and takes influence from traditional Turkish cooking methods. Worthy mentions include Ocak, Spago by Wolfgang Puck and Ulus 29.

3) Hammam

If you’re unfamiliar with Hammam, it is essentially a Turkish Bath. Public baths date back several centuries as an integral part of early civilization. It has since become an intrinsic part of Turkish culture and paved the way for some of the most opulent bathhouses you will ever see. From gold leaf facials at Sanitas Spa at C¸irag?an Palace Kempinski to a full body soak in rose and honey at Caudalie Vinothe´rapie Spa. Turkey takes relaxation to an entirely new dimension.

4) Luxury Cave Hotel Cappadocia

Once a safe haven from Roman soldiers, today the rock formations of Cappadocia stand tall as a must-see tourist attraction. Luxury travellers though, do more than walk through the caverns. Stay in the incredible Sultan Cave Suites or Artemis Cave Suites, fitted with 5-star modern-day amenities and panoramic views over the town of Goreme below.

5) Turkey Nightlife

Turkey hosts amazing spaces for nightlife. You will find it all here. Contemporary cocktails, craft beers and natural wines. Sip on your favourite beverage as you overlook the vibrant city of Istanbul on a rooftop bar. Karaoke bars, cigar lounges and vineyards are also incredible experiences in this gorgeous region.

6) Bodrum & Alacati Beachside Retreats

Bodrum is home to some of the most fabulous beachside resorts in Turkey. Located by the Aegean Sea, this city offers incredible experiences to luxury travellers who are looking to drown in premium comfort. On the other hand, Alacati, once a quiet fishing village, has now become a booming luxury retreat for tourists looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle. Discover ornate cafes, visit the local markets, sip on wine at the local vineyard and enjoy the beach culture in this incredibly peaceful town.

7) Golf

Discover some of the most impressive golf courses in Turkey that offer amazing sights coupled with the incredible natural landscape of Turkey. Year-round sun and perfectly manicured fairways make Turkey your next golfing destination. Turkey houses impeccable courses designed by famous golf designers and design companies. Some of the most impressive courses include Antalya Golf Club, Carya Golf Club and Cornelia Golf Club.

8) Cultural Shows

When it comes to culture and entertainment, Turkey never runs out of things for you to feast your eyes on. One of the most essential experiences is the Whirling Dervishes, an ancient Sufi dance. Be mesmerised by the unique sight of Whirling Dervishes as they perform their spiritual ritual. This 800-year-old tradition has been preserved on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Other key experiences include belly dancing and folk performances.

9) Paragliding & Hot Air Balloon

Turkey’s most famous experience is the Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia. Hundreds of hot air balloons defy gravity as they take to the sky in what can only be described as a man-made marvel. However, this isn’t the only zero-gravity experience in Turkey. In recent years, paragliding has gained popularity as an extreme sport here. With its unique terrain and incredible landscape, it comes as no surprise that Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for thrill seekers.

10) Private Tours Of Heritage Sites

Private tours are the best way to discover the ancient cities of Turkey. Dotted with ruins in every corner, a knowledgeable private guide offers incredible insights into Turkey’s past. Take your time at each destination and be completely immersed in a country with so much history. Visit all 17 sites on The UNESCO World Heritage List and gain a deep and privileged understanding of Turkey.

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