The Best Beachside Cafes on Jeju Island

Jeju’s natural landscape is the driving force behind tourism to this region of South Korea. Where emerald waters meet giant volcanic formations, this island is undeniably one of the hottest places to visit for incomparable island experiences and a thriving beach culture. Since opening up to tourists, Jeju has had a boom in trendy beachside cafes. Most of these places are built to highlight the beauty of Jeju’s waters with huge glass panels that not only make room for ample natural lighting but also allow you to enjoy the scenic coastal cliffs.

Here are some of our favourite cafes on Jeju Island that take on the classic big breakfast and serve it with a side of spectacular ocean view.

Mônsant de Aewol

Known for its stylish interior and association with its alleged owner, G-Dragon from Big Bang, this cafe has made its mark as a top experience in Jeju. What sets this cafe apart from the rest? Location, really. Set on the West Coast of Jeju that faces the Yellow Sea, this cafe is situated right on the beach and allows visitors to bask in the beach atmosphere while providing sanctuary from the scorching sun during summer. However, when it’s not so hot, sitting outside is the best way to take in the full experience of this cafe. The interior decor feature rustic components, a complete contrast to the modern, glass-clad exterior.

One & Only Jeju

On the south side of Jeju lies a beach house that looks like it came straight out of California with glass walls and contemporary architecture. Lounge chairs on the open-air terrace look out into the Seogwipo-si ocean and the palm trees lining the beach transport you right to Venice Beach. The menu is made up of an all-day brunch serving staples like eggs benedict and unique coffee drinks. Take your food out to the terrace or right up to the large glass windows for an unforgettable view of the emerald waters.

Cafe Hallasan

Although its name suggests proximity to the Hallasan mountain, Cafe Hallasan is nowhere close to the mountains. In fact, this beachside cafe is located quite a distance from the iconic mountain. Located on Sehwa beach which is made up of black volcanic rocks, the cafe has quickly become a photo op for aesthetic shots. The cafe also features vintage decor like an old-school computer that only plays black-and-white cartoons. After you’re done with the cakes and cocktails, head down to the beach to discover the incredible rock formations.

Cafe Delmoondo

At Cafe Delmoondo, sit by Hamdeok Beach and grab a slice of ocean paradise by the open-air terrace. The outdoor area is nothing less than spectacular. Hamdeok Beach is a popular beach known for its emerald waters, white sandy beaches and tall palm trees fringing the shoreline. This beach is considered to be one of the best beaches on the island. However, you may also opt to sit inside away from the sun, in one of the large sea-facing windows. Sip on iced coffee and gaze into the crystal-clear waters of Jeju. 

Aewol The Sunset

This is the best spot in Jeju to see the sunset. Sit back and experience the best service and delicious pastries at Aewol The Sunset. Attached to a hotel, this cafe serves up the best brunch and desserts in a modern yet elegant setting that overlooks the coastal scenery. If there is ever a place to be, this is it. Try one of the many special beverages offered here and their pizza is definitely to die for.

Orrrn Cafe

This place is not your average cafe. Everything about this building is perfectly situated there for a reason. Intended to resemble a parasitic volcano oreum, a smaller volcano that exists next to a large volcano, this space is made to invoke the same feeling you get exploring an oreum. From the climb to the top to feel the fresh breeze, to the unassuming way it protrudes from the ground as if it was always meant to be there. Try their signature orrrn Latte which is made of Udo peanuts. They also have many items on display like savoury pastries and cakes. Wanderprime offers luxury private tours and join-in tours to South Korea. With Wanderprime, your safety and comfort come first. Personalise your travel plan and travel easier with us. Find out about our join-in dates or plan your private getaway. Contact us now and visit South Korea with Wanderprime.e that is all about food and hospitality.

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