The Arts & Culture of Taiwan

Experiencing brand-new places through the lens of art and history can be extremely insightful. However, museums can also be a place to inspire and educate people. Through the years, the role of museums has changed and altered but one thing remained consistent, museums act as the epicentre of cultural reform. Seeing the old through fresh eyes teaches us so much about our motivations and evolution as a collective. Here in Taiwan, that’s exactly what these museums are built for; to educate about the past in hopes that we do not repeat the mistakes of our forefathers.

Here are some of the most notable museums in Taiwan that range from clay tablets to full VR exhibits.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

The shift from authoritarianism to liberal democracy is what this memorial hall represents. Although it was originally built to commemorate the reign of President Chiang Kai-shek, the people of Taiwan fought to flip the narrative and make this building a symbol of change and hope. President Chiang Kai-shek ruled the nation in a dictatorship that can only be described as stripping fundamental rights away from the people. Today, this beacon of change acts as a neutral ground for arts and culture. Promoting a message of democracy, freedom and human rights, this place is a must-visit during your time in Taiwan.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Taiwan’s nine main aboriginal tribes come together at the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village. This is an amusement park that recreates the daily life of each tribe with interactive activities and exhibitions to immerse visitors into the ways of the native. Activities include sculpting, weaving, pottery making, cooking, knitting, exercising, handicrafts making, playing, and dancing in the tradition of the aboriginal tribes. It also features cultural performances, handmade craft demonstrations and games; truly a one-stop for all things indigenous in Taiwan.

National Palace Museum

A world-class museum that holds some of the most significant artefacts from the Forbidden City. The entire collection in this museum dates back 5,000 years and houses China’s most esteemed accomplishments. Designed after a Northern Chinese palace, this museum has the most comprehensive and treasured collection of ancient Chinese artefacts. Paying very close attention to the wear of the artefacts, the exhibits are continuously rotated and modern technology is used to preserve the longevity of the displays.

The Chimei Museum

Although most people won’t travel to Taiwan in hopes of seeing a collection of Western history, The Chimei Museum is much more than just that. It is an 80-year-old wish made by the founder of the Chimei Group who was inspired by the museum he frequented in his formative years. This comprehensive museum has a wide collection of Western art, literature, weaponry and natural history. The collection started off as a personal collection and eventually became a full collection thanks to the founder who wants to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern cultures by giving access to every one of the knowledge that separates the two. The collection is nothing less than remarkable and witnessing it is a complete privilege.

ALIEN Art Centre

A building that used to be a hostel for young men departing for compulsory military service from 1950-1970 is now renovated into a museum for contemporary art. Visit and discover how this museum transcends all biases in an attempt to find common ground despite geographical borders. “We are not communicating with the world to compete with other local institutions. Instead, we are opening a window, introducing the world to our home, so that our people can be seen by the world and, most importantly, we can see the world from here,” said the CEO of ALIEN Art.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) was built in 1988 to create a space that is eclectic and contemplative for art enthusiasts. This museum aims to define and archive modern and contemporary art in Taiwan for future generations. In terms of exhibitions, there are 15 exhibition rooms, Gallery Street, U-108 Space: The Experimental Immersive Space of Techno Art, and Floating Isle: A VR Gallery. There is also an outdoor park with various classic sculptures and also leisure areas and educational spaces for children. Wanderprime offers luxury private tours and join-in tours to Taiwan. With Wanderprime, your safety and comfort come first. Personalise your travel plan and travel easier with us. Find out about our join-in dates or plan your private getaway. Contact us now and visit Taiwan with Wanderprime.

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