The 5 Best Luxury Cappadocia Cave Hotels that our guests loved most

You Either Leave Cappadocia With a Lifetime Experience or bad memory

There are many Cave accommodations in the Cappadocia region, from boutique to luxurious. The comment we heard most was that the room was dark, old, and such. Each hotel has its own unique features; We believe that there’s no bad stay, but only the one that fits your needs is the best one. Perhaps these could help you to understand more and choose the right stayin cappadocia. If you’re looking for a getaway that is exclusive, indulgent, excellent service, and luxurious comfort, here are our guests’ top choices of stay: the top 5 luxurious cave hotel in either Uchisar , Urgup & Goreme. Uchisar and Urgup are less touristy and quieter, and are close to Goreme- city center. All of these authentic cave hotels listed have luxurious rooms and some has spectacular views of Cappadocia’s famous hot air balloons.

1) Museum Hotel – Authentic Luxury Cave Hotel ? (Uchisar)

  • Hot-air balloon view: offers a magnificent view of the valley from its rooms to the restaurant and common area. You’ll get to see the hot air balloon wherever you are in the hotel.
  • The hotel is spacious, giving you space and comfort, you don’t easily bump into each other. Some of the cave hotels are small and you will feel less privacy and pack with others.
  • All rooms have windows and a more heritage feel due to the interior being more wood-based. ( some cave resorts do not have windows in the room ) The view outside the window is subject to the room’s location.
  • Breakfast is served from a menu and is included. Breakfast choices are served in Turkish cuisine.
  • Porter service included, no elevator in the cave hotel, but they make sure guests don’t have to lift a finger.

Recommended for guests that like to experience an authentic cave hotel without compromising comfort and the view. The feeling of the room is soothing and is dimly lit by yellow lights and windows.

2) Ariana Luxury Lodge – Modern Cave Hotel (Uchisar)

  • Hot-air balloon view: located next to Museum hotel which also offers a great view of the valley from the hotel terrace and some from their own terraces.
  • The Lodge offers more privacy in its rooms, so the common area is smaller in comparison to that of Museum Hotel. No poo
  • Rooms are bright and some have balconies that have views of the hot air balloons.Its modern design with walls carved from the cave.
  • Breakfast is served from a menu and its an optional .
  • Excellent customer service with a smile and porter to help with the luggage

Recommended for guests who prefer bright rooms with modern design and want to feel like they’re staying in a cave hotel .

3)Agros – The stone cave hotel (Uchisar)

  • Hot-air balloon view: has a beautiful garden and is close to the Chimney Valley, which offers a good view of hot air balloons filling the sky.
  • It has 5 room types and an interior that is primarily stone-based.
  • Some of the suites have access to the hot air balloon view .
  • Breakfast is served in a buffet, where you’ll have plenty of choices of hot dishes .
  • Friendly and passionate team that make guests feel welcome

Recommended for guests who prefer modern cave hotels with a fine touch of stone-based

4) Ajwa Hotel – The Brand New Luxury Cave Hotel (Urgup)

  • Hot-air balloon view: Not available. Its located 15 mins away from Goreme only.
  • The rooms are very spacious and have high ceilings, which makes the space more comfortable.They have little zoo there: chickens, ponies, rabbits, peacocks, fish etc
  • Hôtel is a well-laid-out, well-decorated building with antique artifacts, historical architecture, and blends seamlessly with the natural environment.
  • The staff is excellent and attention to details .
  • Do not serve alcohol

Recommended for family with child. It offers activities for kids from pony rides and petting zoos to playground and away from the touristy area . The hotel has been operating since 2021 and is one of the new luxurious properties in Cappadocia.

5) Sultan Cave Suite – The famous Instagram terrace (Goreme)

  • Hot-air balloon view: instagram-mable from every angle, popular for its terrace with hot-air balloon view
  • Rooms are traditionally dim and have low ceilings , which is how the original cave stay would be.
  • Expect a lot of steps within the resort—it’s a good work out and interesting walk.
  • Good locations that are accessible to shops and restaurants fill with tourists within walking distance.
  • Breakfast are decent with variety of choice and the hospitality are welcoming .

Recommended for guests that prefer to stay in city center with convenient access to food and shops. The room itself had a rustic, cave-like look with modern amenities. Plus, the famous terrace Instagram shot.

The above hotel is between RM 1500 – RM 2500 per night, subject to the season. If this budget fits right to you, this will help you to pick the right stay according to your own preference.

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