Nepalese Food That You Must Try

Nepalese Food That You Must Try

Food in Nepal is very diverse and can be insanely different from place to place. There are hundreds of different types of food that can be found in Nepal, each with its own special preparation methods, spices and flavours. Food in Nepal can be categorized into many different types. They include Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine.

When you’re in Nepal, you have to eat like the locals. Here are some of our favourite dishes that you must try during your visit.


Everyone visiting Nepal should taste this since it is one of the favourites among visitors. Momos are little white flour pouches filled with vegetables, lamb or chicken mince, or both. They are served with mayonnaise and a variety of sauces, which makes the combo a tasty snack. This dish from Nepal has swept over India and is a favourite street snack in many other nations.


Yomari is a sweet dish that is created from rice dough and filled with a sweet paste that is composed of coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses. It is only made during the festival of Yomari Punhi. Every year in the winter, people celebrate this festival to give thanks to the Gods for a bountiful crop. The variant of this is cooked with lentils and is quite well-known in Kathmandu.

Gorkhali Lamb

Simply put, it is a mixture of flavours crammed into one container. Gorkhali lamb is simply a curry made by slow-cooking the lamb with potatoes and onions in the curry. The powerful flavour is then added when it is taken out of the curry, grilled, and coated with a coating of hot chilli mixture. After that, it is returned to the curry to finish cooking.

Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau is a sort of yoghurt that is sometimes referred to as the “royal curd.” It is a sweet, creamy, and thick dish that is typically eaten for dessert. If you visit Bhaktapur, you must sample this dish, which is made with buffalo milk and is particularly popular among the Newaris. In Bhaktapur, there are several street sellers offering Juju Dhau.


This is a wintertime noodle soup that is eaten in the highlands of Nepal. It may contain meat, eggs, or only veggies. It frequently comes with momos. This dish draws heavily on both Chinese and Tibetan cuisines for its influence. Thukpa can be made using goat, lamb, chicken, or even yak meat. This meal is more akin to a survival kit for the freezing alpine air.

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