Luxury Experiences in Malaysia

Luxury takes on a new meaning in Malaysia. Discover a severe case of quiet luxury in a place that values excellence without any of the flash. Malaysia marries the best of authentic experiences with 5-star services to elevate your experience and provide comfort in remote destinations. You will find the best hotels, Michelin-star restaurants and cultural experiences that allow you to understand the beauty of diversity in this multicultural country.

Here are our guest’s favourite experiences in Malaysia that keep them coming back for more.

Golfing at ELS Club, Desaru Coast

Bring your golfing skills to the 45-hole golfing paradise Ernie Els created, which is nestled in the breathtaking tropical environment of Malaysia.  The 27-hole Ocean Course, which features the Ridge Course, Coast Course, and Lakes Course, was created by Ernie Els, a four-time Major Champion. The 45,000 sq ft clubhouse next to the Ocean Course has two casual dining restaurants and a state-of-the-art golf store.

Yacht Across The Malaysian Seas

Set sail on a luxury yacht that takes you right into the sunset. Head on an extravagant and lavish cruise through the open Malaysian waters known for their crystal clear waters and incredible islands. Celebrate incredible moments such as birthdays, engagement parties or milestones with your very own private yacht. Be mesmerised by the open ocean while sipping on your favourite drink and watching the sunset bleed into the horizon – surrounded by the people you love, this memory is one you definitely want to remember.

Experience An Aerial View of Malaysia on a Helicopter

Be captivated by the spectacular view from a helicopter as you get to your destination. A private transfer that serves only you and your party as you glide through the skies in the Robinson R66, a 4-seater, the Bell 407, a 5-seater or the Eurocopter AS350 B3, a 6-seater. Take to the skies in a private helicopter and arrive at Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara, Raub or even Selangor. Upon arrival, expect to be awed by a private dining arrangement with private chefs and a handcrafted seasonal menu. Spread the love whether you’re celebrating a family member, a loved one or your friends.

All About The Pristine Beaches

Expect a panoramic view of the crystal clear open ocean during the day and an open night sky without light pollution. Watch the stars glisten as the moonbeams light the path that leads you to undiscovered, unique experiences that will leave you in awe of the natural beauty of Malaysia. Luxury stays, endless sun and a laid-back beach culture that is sure to recharge you for whatever life throws your way.

Fine Dining in Malaysia

Diversity does not only come from the natural resources in this nation as Malaysia is an incredibly culturally diverse country, containing many different ethnicities, languages and religions. Maintaining their cultural ancestries has resulted in a Malaysian society that accommodates a rich variety of beliefs and value systems. This diversity is evident in the local food that brings together flavours from all over the known world to create special flavours that can only be found here. Cuisines from all over continue to flow through this melting pot of the world, the only thing you are burdened with is making decisions.

Nightlife in Malaysia

You will never run out of signature cocktails, speakeasies and opulent nightclubs in Malaysia. Nights are never a snooze as the city of Kuala Lumpur comes to life. With an incredible array of options, from strobe lights and heart-thumping beats to award-winning bars with mixologists who focus on local flavours as well as classic drinks, Kuala Lumpur is a beacon for those who enjoy a nightcap, or five.

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