Food You Must Try In Indonesia

Indonesian food can only be described as daring, non-pretentious and humble. Indonesians have mastered the art of mixing the old and the new to fit the local taste. So much of what exists within the Malay Archipelago comes from Indonesia and the phenomenon that is Indonesian food has shaped the culinary narrative of neighbouring countries.
Here, we will look at some of our favourite dishes in Indonesia that everyone has to try during their time on the islands.


Meat skewers barbecued over charcoal are known as satay. Usually served with rice cakes (ketupat), these tender skewers are doused in peanut sauce. It is a national dish that was created by street vendors and has long been one of Indonesia’s most beloved foods. It is extremely addictive and available almost everywhere.

Fried Rice

The popularity of Indonesian Fried Rice has spread throughout the world. Everyone has had Fried Rice at some point in their lives, and it is the most versatile dish available. You can combine it with vegetables, chicken, beef, seafood, or anything else you can think of. The use of a sweet, thick soy sauce called kicap garnished with acar, pickled cucumber and carrots distinguish Indonesian Fried Rice. The national dish of Indonesia is fried rice.

Nasi Rawon

East Java cuisine called Nasi Rawon is a stewed beef dish. The use of keluak nuts, gives the dish a rich, nutty flavour and a deep, black hue. It has a flavorful depth. Best eaten with a bowl of hot rice, delicious and filling at the same time. You have to try this when you’re there.


For just 25 cents a pack, you get a quick and tasty snack. It’s none other than the Indonesian instant noodles, Indomie. You’ll have more than enough options with so many flavours to pick from. You will also notice that each restaurant or hawker serves this dish differently. Truly adaptable and an integral part of Indonesian cuisine.

Nasi Uduk

This flavorful meal is also another national dish of Indonesia. The centre of the meal is rice cooked in coconut milk. It’s quite similar to Nasi Lemak from Malaysia. The distinction is that Nasi Uduk is typically served with fried chicken, tempe (soybean cake), shredded omelette, fried onion, anchovies, and sambal. You just cannot serve Nasi Uduk without the famous sambal.

Sweet Martabak

Indonesian Sweet Martabak is one of our favourite sweets. It’s the Indonesian equivalent of a pancake. The intriguing thing is that Martabak is only available at night. Filling options include chocolate, cheese, and peanuts although these days, the options are limitless.
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