Celebrity Chefs and Michelin-Star Restaurants in Malaysia

Fine dining experiences in Malaysia are aplenty. Malaysia is a country known for food and a must-visit for foodies. Multicultural Malaysia has changed the food narrative in Southeast Asia by combining the best elements of all the culture that resides in it. The boom of this new cuisine has inspired Michelin-star restaurants and chefs to take on this complex cuisine and make gastronomical masterpieces.

Here are some fine dining restaurants that you have to try when in Malaysia.

Dewakan, Kuala Lumpur

Dewakan, which combines the Malay words for “god” and “food,” is a contemporary expression of gratitude for the abundance that this country is endowed with. The eating experience at the restaurant is intended to foster deep relationships with the people and cultures that each item represents. You are encouraged to join the team at Dewakan as they explore innovative approaches to doing this.

De.Wan 1958, Kuala Lumpur

Chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, also known as Chef Wan, has won several awards for his culinary creations, which are showcased at De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan, the culinary ambassador for Tourism Malaysia. Located in LINC Mall in Kuala Lumpur, it occupies 13,000 square feet and serves as both a restaurant serving a variety of Malaysian dishes and a cutting-edge event venue with an immersive theme.

Restaurant au Jardin, Penang

Modern European cuisine prepared by Chef Kim Hock at Restaurant Au Jardin is influenced by his travels and culinary experiences over the years. Respect for local, seasonal, fresh ingredients underpins his recipes. In a charming old warehouse on the grounds of the historic Hin Bus Terminal in George Town, Penang, Restaurant Au Jardin provides friendly hospitality. Their artisanal cuisine, which Chef Kim Hock created, is based on a love for displaying the finest ingredients via straightforward yet elegant dishes that pay homage to both culinary history and originality. Every component, in their expertly produced compositions, has a certain function and location.

DC Restaurant by Darren Chin, Kuala Lumpur

How Darren Chin defines his culinary style is a common question. A quick scan of the menus when he initially launched DC in November 2014 suggests that the food was mostly French cuisine with a significant Japanese flavour. Those who argue that cooking is just a rehash of age-old rituals are missing the point, according to Darren, who characterises it as a creative endeavour. They build something new every day, and even while these new creations must obviously be transient, the creative energy that drives each rite cannot be disregarded.

USHI, Kuala Lumpur

The first and only eatery in Malaysia to serve Ozaki beef. Serving a multi-course meal that showcases genuine Japanese culinary expertise. the Ozaki beef is served in a variety of ways on the omakase kaiseki menu, including stew, grilling, and frying.

Hide, Kuala Lumpur

The chef’s table restaurant Hide KL, which opened in 2020, is situated in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They collaborate closely with farmers and fishermen to achieve the greatest quality while sourcing the best items for their consumers. The dining area and kitchen are connected by a large open area, allowing for conversation and a close-up view of the cooks as they prepare the food.

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