Best Instagram Spots In Taiwan

From the snow-capped mountains of Alishan to the stunning coastlines of Kenting National Park, Taiwan has so many incredible places to explore. It’s a place where you can spend your day hiking through lush forests or relaxing on a beach in the middle of nowhere. You can take in the sights from a cable car ride up an active volcano, or get lost in the streets of Taipei—the country’s capital city. 

Most importantly, it is a place with amazing art, culture and nature. With so many incredible Instagram spots, we had to compile a list of places that will make your next social media post go viral. 

Here are all the places you have to visit for amazing photo ops in Taiwan. 

Rainbow Family Village 

Singlehandedly painted by Grandpa Rainbow, the only occupant of this village, it is unsure what the reason behind his intentions with painting the entire town was. Some say it is to stop the village from being demolished while others say he was just bored. Whatever the reason, we’re glad it exists. 

Tips: Wear solid colours so you don’t blend in with the background. Bring a portable fan with you as it can be very hot in the area. 

The High Heel Church 

In ancient times, black foot disease plagued the people of Taiwan. Legend has it that one of the women during the time had her engagement broken off because she was infected with the disease and had her feet amputated. This tragic story is the inspiration behind the High Heel Wedding Church in Taiwan. 

Tips: Go here on a clear, sunny day. The clear sky allows light to shine on this translucent build as it glistens and sparkles. 

Lotus Lake Taoist Complex

This temple is said to bring anyone who enters it good luck as long as they enter through the dragon and exit through the tiger. As you walk along the pavilions, you will notice that the paintings on the walls start to shift into depictions of good luck. This is to remind people to do good things and the retributions of mistreating others. 

Tips: Go at night when the lights are on and the entire lake comes to life. 

Pier 2 Art Center

This art district gets better and better every year. With new installations popping up every year, this place has become a hotspot for those looking to experience Taiwan a little differently. Since gaining popularity, this spot has also become home to hundreds of shops, cafes, music venues and so much more. 

Tips: The exhibitions are lit up at night with LED lights making for cool photos. 

Taipei 101

This skyscraper was once the tallest building in the world. Today, it remains an iconic landmark in the heart of Taipei. Designed to resemble a bamboo stalk, this building towers over the city and makes the skyline of Taipei so easily recognisable. 

Tips: Photo opportunity areas are decorated with flower and picnic scenes at the observation deck. What’s best is that these are numerous at no extra charge.

Formosa Boulevard Station 

This station was launched right before the 2009 World Games and is famous for the world’s largest glass artwork, the Dome of Light. Designed by an Italian artist, Narcissus Quagliata, the world’s most significant glass artist, the Formosa Boulevard Station is the largest circular-shaped station in the world. 

Tips: Check the timing of the light shows before heading over to see the display at its full potential.


Located in the south of Taiwan, this is Taiwan’s best beach spot with emerald waters and pristine white sandy beaches. This is also the location where the Academy Award-winning feature film, Life of Pi was shot. What’s a better backdrop than the natural beauty of crystal clear waters? 

Tips: Head up to the lighthouse for aerial views of the coastline and incredible Instagram spots. 


Also known to locals as Mt. Ali, this is one of Taiwan’s most revered destinations. This place is all about scenic views. Sunsets over the misty forest, views of the tallest mountain in Taiwan and tea plantations that stretch beyond the horizon make Alishan one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists. 

Tips: The temperature is around 15-17°C so dress accordingly. 

Wanli UFO Village 

The aliens have landed in Taiwan. Well, at least their flying saucers are parked here. This unmissable photo op is a love letter to all sci-fi fans and photo tourists. Although slightly eerie, this particular spot is one you should not miss. 

Tips: Go on a cloudy day and the overcast will add to the post-apocalyptic vibe of the surrounding area. 

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